Cloud Identification Tool


Being able to read the clouds can help you prepare for outdoor adventures and make decisions when you're mid route. Our Cloud Investigator tool helps you identify the different clouds in the sky.

  • NEW + IMPROVED! Now printed on 24PT thick laminated material to create the ultimate built-to-last weather-proof tool
  • UPDATED! We've added a chain loop that you can attach to a carabiner or pack loop for on-the-go forecasting fun!
  • To use the Cloud Investigator, hold in an outstretched arm so the cloud can be seen through the observation hole in the middle.
  • You can match the cloud to the images printed on the tool to identify the cloud you are looking at through the observation hole.
  • The opposite side contains additional information related to colour, shape, and current weather.
  • Comes packaged with instructions and protective wrap
  • The Cloud Investigator measures 8.5" x 6"; with packaging it measures 10" x 6.5"