Price Matching + Price Guarantee

Price Matching Price Adjustments

We strive to keep our prices the same as our competitors. In the unlikely event you find the same product at another Canadian retailer then we will investigate and attempt to match that price. The item you are Price Matching must be in stock to be eligible for a price match and cannot be a result from private member shopping, coupons, codes or errors and omissions. Please use our contact us form to reach out to us about Price Matching. 

Price Adjustments

In the event an item goes on sale at Mountain Littles Baby + Kids Boutique within 10 days of your purchase we will offer a one time Price Adjustment. Mountain Littles Baby + Kids Boutique will provide you with an in store or online credit equivalent to the amount of the difference (plus taxes). Our Price Adjustment does not apply to items that you may see at other retailers after your purchase. It also is not applicable around major sale periods such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Brand Clearance or Sale Events, Boxing Week or New Year's sales. Please call us at (403) 679 3312 or use our contact us form to reach out to us about Price Adjustments.

In the event of a price error on the website the in store pricing of the item will prevail.