Boomer Monkey


Get to know Boomer Monkey™!

My Personality: Cheeky

Party Theme: Zoo | My ID Number: 1-211

Always up to monkey business, Boomer is one fun pal! Theres always time for fun, giggles, and good vibes when Boomer enters a room. No matter the occasion, Boomer knows how to bring the party and be just the right amount of silly everytime.

Boomer is a plush with a charming tuft of hair and a face full of fun, surrounded by soft, caramel-colored fur.

If there is a good prank to be played or a game to be won, you bet Im the first one swinging into action!

Best Pal:

Waldo Walrus™: Boomer loves how easily Waldo can get distracted and is a good sport, it makes innocent pranks and silly antics that much easier.

How I was made:

  • I am approx. 4" x 5" x 4.5" in size.
  • I am made from high-quality materials for a soft, fluffy touch.
  • I fit in the palm of your hand!
  • Own the whole #palmpalsparty collection!
  • I hold bean pellets suitable for all ages to ensure my quality and stability.