Sock Safari | Hippo + Elephant


Wading in the water or stomping through the savannah is a delight in these socks. Your little wild one will always look hip in stripes of Lovely Lilac and Recognizable Rose while wearing these mix and match safari themed socks. These mix and match socks include four complete pairs of socks (eight socks) featuring hippos and elephants.

Worried about lost socks? These mismatched socks are exactly what every busy parent needs. Spend more time having fun with your little ones and less time searching for those socks your washing machine devoured. You'll love the softness of these safari socks, complete with colorful and adorable animal faces and patterns.


Mix and match socks with adorable animal designs.

Small (0 - 12 months) and Large (1 - 3 years) sizes.

Eight socks per package (Four matching pairs).

Grip Bottom.


Sock 1:

Hippopotamus on purple stripes

Sock 2:

Hippo pattern on pink stripes

Sock 3:

Elephant on purple stripes

Sock 4:

Elephant pattern on pink stripes