Picwits! Silly and Sweet


Picwits Silly and Sweet by Mindware is a family game of silly picture-to-caption matching, where cute and silly reign! A great party game for all ages that takes plenty of creativity – and once in a while, a little convincing – to win the round.

  • Games that Teach: PicWits! Silly & Sweet strengthens language, creativity, category identification and social skills, while adding laughter and silliness to your games for family night
  • Easy-to-Follow Family Card Games for Kids and Adults: Pick a photo card that you think matches the caption, either totally accurate or super silly; if the judge picks your card, you win the round
  • Family Favorite: PicWits! Silly & Sweet family games for teens and adults and kids alike is a funny-for-all picture game; the perfect fit all depends on your perspective
  • All Ages and Occasions: This game keeps the especially sweet and silly aspects from MindWare’s original PicWits game, so family and friends from all walks of life will enjoy the game, whether for a playdate or an afternoon at Grandma’s.
  • This easy-to-learn family game night game is playable in around 30 minutes and includes 504 glossy full-color photo cards and 144 caption cards; for 4 or more players (Ages 6 and up)