Left Right Center Dice | 16mm

Shake up your next game night with the Left Center Right Game. This classic dice game is fun for the whole family. Players take turns to roll the six-sided dice, each of which is marked with “Left,” “★,” “Right” on one side, and a single dot on the three remaining sides. For each "Left" or "Right" thrown, the player must pass one chip to the player to their left or right. A "★” indicates a chip to the pot in the center—a dot has no effect. When a player has no chips, he passes the dice on his turn, but may receive chips from others and take his next turn accordingly. The last player to have any chips is declared the winner.
  • Cube dice are marked with "Left", "Right", "★"(Center), and "●"(Dot).
  • "★"(Center=Put a chip in the center pot), and "●"(Dot=Good luck, you can keep your chips).
  • Only 3 dices are needed for the game.