Alphabet Wooden Letters

by Sevi

To personalize the children's room and give it a touch of cheerfulness and colour, here are the famous wooden letters from Sevi. They are ideal for writing your children's names on the room door or cupboard...but also for teaching the little ones the alphabet in a fun way. In the animal series, each letter is the initial letter of the animal shown. It's fun to find out the names of the cutest animals.

  • Sevi Wooden letters are high quality, beautifully colourful painted and are ideal for decorating your child's room. They are also a playful way to encourage children to learn and read
  • Practice the alphabet and the first reading experiences are much more fun with the large colorful wooden letters. Boys and girls can put words or create great stories about the animals
  • The letters are approx. 10 cm tall, complete, on the front, back and sides, elaborately decorated by hand and combine up to 12 different colours per letter
  • Decoration for children's bedroom door, cabinet and wall. As a set, a popular ABC educational toy that stimulates the imagination. Also for small craft fans, they offer fantastic material for pretty works of art