World Dominoes

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An innovative version of dominoes with world famous monuments. Each monument sits on a white line. In twos, the monuments on the tiles have the same colour. LINEAR VERSION: Place the tiles horizontally, aligning the white line. The winner is the first player to finish playing all their dominoes or the one left with the least! MEMORY: Uncover the tiles face down two by two. The winner is the player who finds the most pairs of monuments of the same colour!

Includes: 28 wooden domino tiles decorated with famous world monuments and a white line, and instructions. 28 monuments from Cambodia, China, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Australia, Belgium, France, Russia, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, Portugal, Italy, USA, Norway, Turkey, UK, Spain, India, Brazil, Jordan, Hong Kong, Chili & Greece.

Skills: Logic, memory, association and concentration