traveller (2021+) travel cot


A world’s first in the sleep world; traveller™ ain’t just a one trick pony, ‘cos it offers a completely new & unique 4-in-1 solution from newborn right up to toddler years – for use at home or away, indoors or outdoors; for sleep or play, every day! 

This amazing 4-in-1 portacot can be used as a standalone newborn bassinet, a sleeping bed for toddler, as a cool playpen during the day; & now has the ability for you to have your newborn nestled right next to you safely – snug-to-bed, up close & personal! 

Ridiculously light and globally certified, our portacot traveller™ can come & go as you please, future proofing all the sleeping arrangements for your kiddo for so many years – talk about next level when it comes to value for money! Perfectly suited to parents, grandparents and caregivers. 

seriously all you need!

There are many 3-in-1, 2-in-1,1-in-1 travel cot options out there... 😳 but none that offers it all in the one bundle! & ya wanna know why? 'Cos it's blimin hard to do, & even harder to get it globally certified! But here at phil&teds®, we're always up for a challenge and we're gonna give you 4 modes to help adapt&survive® all ages&stages! Plus, you can use it ANYWHERE & ANYTIME, INDOOR & OUTDOOR, DAY & NIGHT.

Escape the nursery jail & enjoy a beach day, a camping trip or a simple snooze in the garden, with total peace of mind, knowing legs feature small holes to peg it to the ground – smart thinking!

travel smart & light!

traveller™ is by far the LIGHTEST all-in-1 travel cot! The bassinet modes are just 4kg / 8.5lbs & if you only need the toddler bed, then it’s just 3.5kg / 7.5lbs – heck, that makes traveller™ as light as the baby!!! Designed by outdoor enthusiasts, around a camping tent idea – it's gotta assemble & pack down easily, and fit in the narrowest spaces, to make traveller the ultimate travel companion! The self-inflatable mattress requires no pumps (or your lungs!), is thermally insulated so the cold ground never wakes your kiddo up, & it sits at floor level, meaning there's no weight limit – oh helloooooo longevity!