Go Stroller | Cherry

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effortless & fuss-free

when a regular umbrella stroller just doesn't cut it, you can glide on by with go™, an effortless & fuss-free compact stroller that delivers exceptional functionality in a teeny tiny package!

newborn ready solution

Unlike umbrella strollers that don't usually cater for newborns, go™ is a fully featured compact buggy that offers a ready lie-flat newborn buggy solution to adapt&survive your parenting day with your child from birth to toddlerhood.

travel system ready

Turn go™ into an effortless travel system with your capsule and the travel system belt (additional accessory) to go from car to buggy & back again in seconds!

effortless compact stand fold

Forget about the awkward and lengthy umbrella folds, & enjoy one of the smallest and most compact in the market with go™! It effortlessly folds down at only 54 x 44 x 19cm, for a fuss-free fit into the smallest of storage spaces!

slimline, with a full size seat

Umbrella strollers tend to have a small, doll-like seat on a rickety frame, but with go's slimline width of only 44cm, it cleverly provides a comfortable full size sling seat with multiple recline options for naps on the move, to fully upright for your curious toddler.

a smooth ride

Don't settle for a rickety, flimsy ride with an umbrella stroller, as go™ delights with its 4 EVA puncture-proof wheels & all-wheel suspension. Experience unparalleled manoeuvrability & control on different surfaces with front wheels you can lock for a straight ride, or unlock for easy navigation through tight spaces!

unleash the potential of go™

If you want to enjoy extended face to face bonding time with your lil' one, our soft-shell cocoon™ is the perfect parent-facing solution. And if you want to treat yourself with ultra convenient accessories, check out our range here.