Amber Necklace

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Glückskäfer Children's Amber Necklace short and honey coloured.  Amber is a natural resin produced by the pine tree Pinus Succinifera.  It was created 40-50 millions of years ago and is found today as a fossil.  Glückskäfer Amber Necklaces are manufactured from natural amber, not melted or compressed.  The necklace is knotted between each stone and has a safety-lock.  For safety reasons, the clasp will open when subjected to a strong pull. 
  • Made in Europe
  • Made of Baltic Amber
  • 30 cm

Each Gluckskafer amber necklace is knotted after each bead. The clasp is made with special material to protect delicate skin from allergies.

To avoid risk of injuries,the clasp is designed to break when being pulled or tugged strongly